Online Slots

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Almost every player that has played in an online casino has engaged in slot fun. These machines are known to provide hours of entertainment as well as some superb payouts. Players who love USA Online Slots will always find something new and exciting at online casinos. The great benefit is being able to play these exciting games from the comfort of home. Many online casinos will offer more than 200 slot games in different variations. Some of the most common slots include classic three reel and the modern video slots that include fantastic bonus rounds, stacked wilds and progressive jackpots.

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Online slots actually offer a higher payout percentage than the slot machines found in Vegas casinos. Players often enjoy a payout percentage of 97% or higher, depending on the casino chosen and the particular game being played.

Bally’s and IGT are commonly known as being huge suppliers of games in land casinos. Online slots are extremely similar to the games that are released from land casino software companies. In the world of online gambling, Microgaming, Playtech and RTG are the leading forces for online slot software. Since many slot games are so similar to land casino games, players will find a sense of familiarity when choosing slot games online. While familiarity does factor in to choosing the right slot game, there are other things that should be considered when looking for that perfect online slot.

Choosing Slot Games

There are many things that players will examine before playing online slot games. Some are attracted to the theme of the machine; others look for the animation and graphic display. However, perhaps the most important thing for a player to consider is the coin sizes that are offered. Most players in an online casino have a budget. Choosing a machine that costs $0.25 per line will obviously deplete the bankroll much faster than a nickel or penny machine. In the same respect, the payouts on a higher denomination are much higher, so this is something that players do need to consider. Luckily, most of the modern slot games found in online casinos offer multi-denominations. This allows players to select the amount they want to play. This amount can be changed at any time during play, so players definitely have control over what they are spending.

Word of mouth also plays a role in game selection. If a player constantly hears of other players winning on a particular machine, they will surely be drawn to that. For example, the Tomb Raider game from Microgaming has a large following and many players will seek out an online casino that offers this specific game. However, word of mouth is not what players should go on when making their decision. In fact, one of the first things to look at is the software platform that is used by the online casino being considered.

With so many online casinos in operation, the choices are vast, but players can narrow the field by selecting a casino that only uses reputable software, such as Microgaming, RTG and Playtech. All of these companies have an outstanding reputation and are each known for manufacturing some of the greatest slot games available. Choosing to play slots from well known software companies ensures players that updates will be made on a regular basis and that the machine has been proven to be reliable.

Each software company will provide the online casino with a package of games. This means that not every casino that supports particular software will offer the same exact games. It is recommended that players take some time to compare different venues and select a casino that offers the most games of interest.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpots no doubt attract players. After all, the goal of playing is to take home some cash and what better way to do this than by winning a huge progressive? Many of the progressive games that are made by reputable software companies can grow to be quite large. On average the progressive jackpot will be worth between $1 and $3 million. To make the deal even sweeter, there are some casinos that offer a bonus payout to any player that hits the progressive while playing online slots.

Players should know that most progressive games do have lower payout percentages during regular play. Even so, many players will take their chances in hopes of winning the big amount. With flashing lights and head-turning sound effects, the progressive jackpot is surely the ultimate prize to seek in any online casino.

Game Features

Each slot machine will work a bit differently than the one that is located next to it. Some of the paylines may be different, even when the player is playing the same amount of lines. The paylines should always be examined before choosing any single slot machine so players know what to look for. Also take a good look at the paying combinations. This includes the symbols that are necessary to activate the bonus rounds on modern video slot games. These bonus rounds can be a lot of fun, but can also be aggravating when you see three symbols on the screen and the bonus does not come to life. Players need to know exactly what they will need to get to trigger the bonus. Most games will require three or more bonus symbols, either anywhere on the screen or in consecutive order.

Players should also look at the payouts for the game. Always try to choose a slot game that has the highest payouts for the lowest combination, since these are what appear most frequently. Playing a game that offers a large jackpot is exciting, but it will quickly diminish a bankroll if the lower winning combinations do not at least provide an even pay back.

Overall, choosing slot games is personal preference and players will all choose them in a different manner. Some are attracted to themed slots with a familiar feel, while other will flock directly to the progressives. Regardless of the method used to choose a slot game, always select those from a reputable software company and take the time to get to know the slot machine before jumping right in.